Tools to Advance Your Career and Expand Your Horizons

This is a collection of AI Tools that can help you explore possibilities, plan your next steps, increase your knowledge and discover ways to manage obstacles along the way. You can browse our catalogue or filter by topic area. We will be refining these tools and adding to them in the future.

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Systems Explainer
The powerful world of Systems Thinking at your fingertips.
Agile Explainer
Interactive guidance on Agile Software Development and related topics, from basics to advanced.
WP Wizard
Expert in WordPress website building, optimization, and troubleshooting.
Career Network Mastery
Expert in LinkedIn strategies for career and business growth.
Money Where Your Heart Is
A friendly guide to writing and publishing romance novels on Kindle and similar platforms.
Seminar Business Advisor
A guide for starting, building and succeeding at a seminar business. Having fun while generating a profit.
Ancient Advanced Civilizations
A guide for starting, building and succeeding at a seminar business. Having fun while generating a profit.
Guitar Smart
What do you want to learn next in your guitar journey?
Debugging Software Systems
Strategies, techniques, patterns and tools for efficient debugging of software systems. Ready tips for languages in common use, on-demand lookup for other languages.
Multiplatform App Co-pilot
Virtual development assistant specializing in Flutter/Dart and Firebase/Google Cloud. Writes compile-ready code for a specified use case.
Digital Art Income Optimizer
Specialist in AI-generated printable art business. Provides tips, techniques, tools and targets from the collective experience of practitioners.
Narration Navigator
Comprehensive advisor for e-book narration, video voice-over, and professional narration career insights. Targeted at authors, aspiring and working narrators.
AI for Kids
AI may cause fundamental changes to human society. As parents and teachers, how can we talk to the younger generations about these changes?
Character Maker
I guide ai character image creation and reference image development for use in AI storytelling. Tell me what you are looking for and I will give you the best prompts to feed your image generator.

All of the AI Agents are powered by OpenAI ™. As of January 2024 you will need an OpenAI Plus account on ChatGPT to access the agents. We are working on a pay-as-you-go model of access that will be available on all platforms sometime in Q2 2024.

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